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Shooting Dance Since 1987


In 1987 we began shooting dance recitals. We started out with a single chip SVHS camcorder. The shoots went well and being everything was on tape, the editing took some time. Soon as cameras upgraded and computers began doing the editing we continued to grow. In the past season (2019) we sold over 3,000 DVD copies of various dance recitals. We also began offering the video to be viewed on line. Now if you choose on line videos you can access them with your iphone, tablet, laptop and home computer. we did a lot of research and bought cameras specially designed to shoot in low lighting and lighting that changes color. We also shoot with multiple cameras. Sometimes as back-up or sometimes to give different angles and close ups. Depends on the shoot and the subject matter really. 

  Knowing that plays, musicals, concerts etc. have small cast sizes. Unlike dance recitals which average 125 families. we have different price packages for these events. For dance recitals we also offer different packages with the best being the 100% option (Everyone gets a DVD copy or on-line copy for $20.00) For the normally prices shows we usually price the DVD's according to show length. Email us for more information on that.

  Turn around time varies with the business of the season and duplication amounts. Some dance studios get hundreds of copies and that does take time. On-line videos are usually faster with the final video being ready within 2 weeks... sometimes less! All in all we work as fast as possible to get your videos out as fast as possible.

   We also require a minimum amount of sales, after all this is a business and please understand that although we enjoy what we do. Shooting, editing and mastering a 3 hour show when you only get a handful of sales...well it isn't cost effective when you consider paying camera operators, editors and additional staff.  With a 3 hour show it may take us about a week to edit and produce a master plus pay for the camera operators time and it's difficult to do when you only do 7 sales.

   We do try to keep prices low and competitive. The ideal situation is if the audience isn't allowed to do any recording and some studios have achieved just that. Still there are some times where some studios would rather not enforce that request.  So all in all being this is a business we try to find an equitable balance. As for our qualifications, we've been shooting dance and dance competitions since 1987. We've produced dance shows for public television. We know the importance of capturing certain aspects of the performance. From the entrances and choreography of a ballet to the frenetic movement in an acro number. We capture full body of the dancers so every aspect of their performance is captured. If you wish to see a sample of our work, send us an email and we'll send you a link to out you tube demo page.

Ready With HD and 4K Cameras

Ready With HD and 4K Cameras