Welcome to Sharshooter Video Productions, We "Aim" to please

Welcome to Sharshooter Video Productions, We "Aim" to please

Welcome to Sharshooter Video Productions, We "Aim" to pleaseWelcome to Sharshooter Video Productions, We "Aim" to pleaseWelcome to Sharshooter Video Productions, We "Aim" to please

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In 1987 I was a DJ doing parties all over NJ, PA, CT and NY. One day I brought a simple camcorder with me. I started video taping the people dancing and having great time. At the end of the show I gave the tape to the client...THEY LOVED IT. Turns out it was more appreciated then the professional they hired.

Video and Photography

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Since 1987, nothing about video work is the same. The cameras went from standard definition (The square TV screen) to the current wide screen. Shooting was on VHS tapes but that soon changed. VHS-SVHS-8MM, Hi8MM, 3/4, Betacam, MiniDV, DVCAM, Betacam Digital, DVD, Hard Drives, memory cards. With each new format....new cameras. Currently we shoot on HD and 4K cameras.

Video Production, Videographer

Shoot Me!

Since the start of Sharpshooter Video, we've shot video in most of the states east of the Mississippi. We're based in New Jersey and spend most of out time covering New jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York. We work under our parent company JAF Media.

Video Services

Videographer, Video Production, New Jersey, Local, Tri-State

Corporate Services

Many of our corporate shoots make use of the time we can turn around a project. We do most of the work in house, we don't have to go rent or sub-out any work. This keeps our prices competitive and the turn around quick.

Videographer, Video production, New Jersey, Tri-State, New York, Pennsylvania, Photographer, Local

Infomercials, Music Videos

Yes, we've shot tons of infomercials from Puppy Boot Camp to 0-15 Work-out. Music videos for local artists to showcase their talent and promote upcoming events or songs.

Video, Local, Videographer, New Jersey, Local, New York, Photographer, Professional, Video production

Dance, Dance, Dance

One or are larger sections that we devote an entire division to it. having shot thousands of dance recitals and dance competitions since 1987 it's like we can sense the choreography even having never seen it. Special reasonable pricing and new for 2019. having access to your video On-Line in mere days after your show.


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Let us know more about your project. We can customize our services into a package that fits your specific needs. Tell us more about your ideas, and we'll get back to you soon with some answers.

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