Corporate Video Production

Adds to your business webpage

It's common knowledge that more and more people rely on the internet when shopping for services or just looking up a company or service. Site that really stand out are the ones that include a short video. Either showing a new product or explaining a service. Consumers are more likely to be interested in your services with a video. Much more that a series of photographs because with video you can add narration and show different titles across the screen. Some of our clients show testimonials as well as product announcements, work in progress, explanations of the history and function of your services or product. Sharpshooter Video is a complete in house video production company. We have very little need to rent equipment or send out for editing or scoring so our prices are unbelievably low. Our clients run from Maine to Florida. Cousins Sanding Sponge, Bank of Scotland, Raritan Business Center, Crowne Reclamation, Birch Hill Picnic Grounds, Mason Laboratories, Tri-Lift NJ,  to name a few

   We also make instructional videos and infomercials. Need a video for your exposition kiosk? We do that too.

   Training videos, archival sales meeting, We've done specialty videos like "Puppy Boot Camp" for training your puppy at home. "The A,B,C,'s of Dance", "Carving 101" (New skiing boot binding accessories), "0-15" (personal exercise videos) "Comedy for Cash" (Training video to start becoming a stand up comic).  So many more, too many to list here.

  How about a short commercial for your business. maybe you can show in on local cable access or right on your web page. Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Home Garden Shops, Automotive Repair Garages,  Dance Studios, and Law Offices. These are just a sampling of the videos we shot in the last few years.

   Not as expensive as you think and benefits you can actually see.

Corporate Sales Meeting Q&A.

Corporate Sales Meeting Q&A.